Thursday, April 30, 2009


Can you see the bread? Felicity didn't want to feed the ducks-every time we gave her a little piece of bread, she ate it. Predictable. Good thing I didn't bring moldy bread. Is it bad to feed moldy bread to ducks? I think I remember doing it as a kid. Sorry duckies.

These pictures are not too exciting-I tried to take a video and it didn't really turn out-but you have to know that Felicity was thrilled to see ducks in real life! I don't know if she has ever seen ducks before, but I know we haven't purposefully taken her to see them -so this was the big event. Kurt called and invited us to the duck pond for his lunch break. What a thoughtful dad. Felicity loved all of the ducks and ducklings (they were really darling) and I don't think she noticed them, but there were cool turtles there too. The ducks are really used to people (being located on a certain, not to be named, University campus) and they let you get pretty close. Felicity has been saying "Quack, Quack" for a while now so it was fun to see her chasing them around and calling to them in their own language.
She is getting so smart and understands so much of what we say to her. She can say quack quack, woof woof, mmm for a cow sound, a whiny noise for a cat, caw caw for any birds, and can growl for a lion or a pig. She is also a fan of saying uh-oh, pointing to everyone's pictures on the fridge and calling her dad Ma Ma. We keep trying to correct her, but to her, Kurt is Ma Ma and she loves him. I know she'll get it right someday.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Largest Dinosaur Museum in the World!

Felicity "digging" for fossils.
She does this with her arms when she is really excited.

This is her little protective apron for playing in the water/sand exhibit. She was a little small for all of that business and wasn't too interested surprisingly enough.

Such an innocent face...
Uncle Seth and Grandpa Radmall
The "build a dinosaur" room
Very excited to be playing with her cousin Max.

This is her with her mouth full of candy which was provided by Seth. Brought for the very purpose of enticing Felicity to be his best friend for the day. It worked pretty well.
Uncle Seth and Uncle Bryan

That Dinosaur behind us was unbelievably huge!

Largest Dinosaur Museum in the World. At least that's what I read on the billboard.
I finally went to the Thanksgiving Point dinosaur museum. I've always wanted to go, but haven't had a reason.
Thanks to an invite from the Radmalls, Felicity and I got to go check it out with most of the family who was on spring break. I got two new pennies for my smashed penny collection and Felicity really enjoyed the whole experience. I thought the museum was great-really interesting. Perfect for an 8 year old boy, but pretty awesome for anyone else too.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter Pictures

Uncle Brett-it's Easter not St. Patricks Day!
This is the cute dress and hat from Grandma Julie
( I forgot to take pictures of the other dresses)

Kurt had to run backwards at great speeds to get this picture.
She was excited about getting eggs!
I am in love with her new white sandals from Gymboree.
My shoe fetish lives on. Good shoes are always worth the splurge.

Checking out her haul

Funny faces with dad

Just so you know, Felicity's head looks a lot better now. That picture was yucky now that I look at it again. Sorry. Now she just has a dark line down the middle of her forehead.
On my last post I forgot to tell you that I got to go see Wicked in SLC last week! My mom gave my sister and I tickets for Christmas. It was a very nice gift. Thanks mom I had a blast! I even ate a bagel and cream cheese at the cafe across the street. I love cheating on my diet-the littlest things are so yummy and exciting. I ate a little Reese's egg the other day-it was so decadent. Like heaven.
Just thought I would catch up and try to post some pictures while Felicity is still sleeping. Hope everyone in the valley is enjoying this great weather today!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My return to cyberspace

Poor Felicity fell head first into the corner of the wall tonight.
I hope it looks better in the morning!
I like this picture because you can see her teeth coming in.
It doesn't really look like her though...funny how that happens sometimes.

There is a lot to blog about but I will make it short for now. I am no longer as grumpy as I once was.
Did I do a good job with being media free for a week? Yes and No. I never watched tv for myself-only out of the goodness of my heart for my poor teething daughter. She is getting molars and I have taken her to the doctor twice to get her ears checked because she has been so sick and unhappy. So there is my excuse. With her in her unhappy mood and not pleased with anything and wanting to sit and snuggle-we watched tv. And movies. For a few days. I am not looking forward to answering to M.R. but I never watched something for me and I only got on the internet to do necessary things like pay bills and check bank accounts.
Was I more productive? Yes and No. I read a lot of good books from the library instead of watching tv or checking your blogs. I probably cleaned and organized more than usual. It was a good thing.
In other news...
-We had a great Easter weekend-Felicity wore three different cute dresses. One from Grandma Cheryl, one from TeriAnn and one from Grandma Julie. What a clothes horse.

-For conference weekend we went to LaSal to visit Christie, Brandon and Addison. Maybe I will let Kurt blog about that. It was a weekend of his cowboy dreams come true.

-We went to the dinosaur museum with the Radmalls. Felicity had fun-especially playing in the sand digging for fossils.

-I had an unexplained blood blister underneath my fingernail (I didn't smash it or anything) that got very painful and oozy and infected. Yummy, huh? I had to go to the derm and have what I call a minor operation. It was not fun and it still hurts but is getting better.

-Kurt got a haircut.

-I was able to get my wedding ring back on my finger for the first time in a long time. Will I ever be able to get it off again without the help of a saw? Not sure. But I am happy to be wearing it again!

-My BFF Marissa had her 2nd baby boy! I am so proud of her.

** I will post more pictures later of these happenings.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


This grumpy cookie I found online can represent me right now.
Man, I wish I were allowed to eat cookies.

I have been going to an 8 week organization class put on by our Stake. It is taught by Marie Ricks who is a professional organizer and is the momo guru of de-cluttering and cleaning. It has been incredibly helpful and interesting. She has really good philosophies and thoughts on why our lives get disorganized and how we can change it. I really like the Gospel spin she puts on things too. I have been working really hard to keep our house cleaner and I have been organizing and getting things in boxes for D.I. And surprise-it really makes me happy.

Today I worked on our bedroom and it is now-looking awesome. I have even been making the bed which I have always thought is practically pointless, right? But it does make me feel better to have it made-so there it is. For those of you who know her, a certain person named Jeanne once told me to never trust anyone who doesn't make their bed. And ESPECIALLY not to marry anyone who doesn't make the bed. First of all-Kurt is neater than I am. We're good there. Second-HELLO crazy lady-you pay me to make your bed. You probably never made a bed in your life. It made me laugh.

Now for the GRRR. Tonight in class there was a retired woman who said that she has just let everything fall by the wayside now that she and her husband are home all day. She sleeps in, doesn't do much, definitely doesn't have motivation to clean or de-junk or whatever. I then commented that the same thing happened to me when I went from working to staying at home with a baby. I just sat around all the time because I had nothing to do, nowhere to be and yet was completely overwhelmed by the simple yet constant needs of a newborn. Yes-I watched a lot of t.v. Of course.

Then the teacher challenged us both to go on a media fast for 7 days. No t.v. or Internet. I told her that I've actually been doing a lot better with that. But she knew I was trying to dodge it. So I accepted the challenge even though I am grumpy about it. And worried. Felicity and I watch t.v. together when she gets up and definitely while we are waiting for Kurt to get home. Maybe the fact that I am so nervous and mad about this means that I do have a problem. I can stop anytime I want, I swear. 12 steps here I come. Ya know what I wanted to say? Lady, I'm already dieting. How much self restraint do I need in my life? I guess those things are good for you. I have lost 9 1/2 lbs. Raise the roof!

So-I just wanted to let you know that I am going to break my resolution of more frequent blogging because I have been sentenced. You probably won't hear from me for a week or more. What will you do? I know. It's your own challenge. Good luck.

I will probably post more about M.R and her motivating genius when I am not so mad at her. But if anyone wants to check her out she has a lot of ideas and some free downloads on her website. I think it's Wish me luck.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Forsythia and Daffodils

Felicity and I went for a walk yesterday and I truly had that springtime moment. Spring is just the best. You can't describe exactly how it makes you feel so happy and hopeful and wonderful. To be able to go out in short sleeves and see flowers blooming makes me very happy. It makes me think of all the wonderful days of summer to come.

We saw two of my favorite blooms yesterday. I wanted both of them at my wedding, but alas, the timing was not right. They both have such a short blooming period and it is in March, not June. But I LOVE Forsythia and Daffodils. My wedding colors were Yellow, Brown and cream so they would have fit in perfectly (don't get me started on what Jana said about my wedding colors when I first mentioned them. Ha ha.) Have you read the story about the Daffodil field in California? I would love to go there someday.

Happy Spring everyone! I wish this warmth was here to stay (I know you too well, Utah). It makes my heart frolic and leap.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Small Motor Skills

This is what the little chocolate drooler did while I was writing a card. I knew there were suckers on the table, but I didn't think she could unwrap this particularly delicious variety (yummy Sees). I was wrong. She is always below the 10th perentile in height and weight, but I'm sure her candy opening skills are above average. You should have seen me take this thing away from her. She is so, so strong when she is mad! I had to trade her for a robin egg. So, who's the real sucker here? You guessed it. The momma.