Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Laughing, Melting, Losing it

Right now she is asleep-so she is not making me do any of the above, but oh boy she is a piece of work I tell you.

Having a child really strengthens your testimony of the pre mortal life and that we came here with distinct individual traits and personalities. Do you ever feel like Heavenly Father is laughing while watching you try to parent a child who is probably just like you were as a toddler? Well, ha ha. He got me good with this one.

I remember some pictures from when I was little and I had really unkempt hair. My mom said that they called me wild woman and that I wouldn't "let" anybody touch my hair. And I thought, let? Since when do you let a two year old call the shots. What do you mean you can't always "make" a kid do something? Oh, watch me, I thought-I'll show you who lets who do what. Too funny. I feel like a was a stickler teacher and had discipline down but parenting is a whole new ball game.

Apparently I am the "sucker" parent and I let her do almost anything she wants. ME? Seriously? I had those first graders in line like you wouldn't believe. Tears didn't phase me. Tantrums were nothing. Set boundaries, be consistent. Done. It's time for me to reinstate that part of my life.

She makes me laugh...

Last night I was laying in her bed with her trying to help her go to sleep (see?!) and she was doing something weird with her hand over and over. I asked her what she was doing and guess what, she was rolling a booger between her finger and thumb. I couldn't help it, I got into a laughing fit-which didn't help her go to sleep. So we laughed and laughed, and I got her a tissue.

She makes me melt...

While we were home sick and Kurt was at a Superbowl party we watched The Testaments. Otherwise known as "Jesus movie". We watched it three times that day. And we watched it today. She loves it. A few days after the first viewing we were in the car and Felicity pointed up to the sky and said, "Jesus come down." Just like the movie. It was incredibly touching. She also started saying, "I love you mom." Sometimes she comes and snuggles my side on the couch and tells me that she loves me. And that she wants candy.

She makes me lose it...

And by it, I mean my sanity of course. Her sleeping habits are horrible since she was sick. She wakes up a few times a night, begs to get into our bed, she won't nap etc. Grrr! So today, after an hour of being nice, laying by her, letting her in my bed, getting certain pillows, blankies etc. she got locked in her room and fell asleep crying by the door. This is NOT the first time. You don't have to tell me I'm doing it all wrong, I already know. But we did some things that worked before and now it's time to start again. She is very resistant to the following; getting her diaper changed (she is actually making some progress with the potty though!), wearing clothes, wearing socks and shoes, getting her hair washed or brushed or done, getting lotion on, eating in the kitchen, getting in her car seat, coming in from outside and the list goes on.

I know these things are pretty normal for a kid this age, right? Tell me it's not all my fault! So, I have a naked little girl with messy hair who leaves a trail of clothes. Sound familiar mom?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Round Two

How are my goals going, you ask?

Well-they were going just OK for a few days-then we were hit with another "stomach bug" and everything pretty much went out the window.

I will have you know that I went to bed by 10:30 for like, three nights in a row-I couldn't fall asleep right away though and one of those nights I lay in bed giggling because I was thinking of funny things to tell Jana and I really, really wanted to call her except I didn't because I was so disciplined at keeping my goals-partly-for a couple of days. I was also up-and-at-em by 10:30 for a few days.

I went to the rec center once (sincere thanks to Christie for helping me be motivated to go) and I called twice to make an appointment for pulmonary therapy but could never get a live human on the phone. I have been doing much better at remembering to take my new medication before bed. Ask Kurt if he likes the reminder on my phone each night at ten.

Since we have been sick I have been watching some t.v. and a lot of movies. But hey-I made the rule and I say that it's OK to break it for now. Also, I totally got new books at the library, but not as many as I usually do. I just couldn't take it anymore! I've got to have a book that I'm interested in (I have been muddling through some weird Orson Scott Card book and can't find the will to finish it. I just don't like his writing very much)

So-I just wanted to say poo-poo to my goals for now. We will see what happens when we are feeling better and not forever trapped in our lovely little home that smells like #3 and #4 (throw up and diarrhea-duh).

The good news is that we have been working on the smell and the cleaning and the laundry and the dishes and things are under control. If Felicity doesn't hurl tonight it would be a miracle and mean that I am almost caught up on laundry.

I asked Kurt last night if I was being punished for complaining about Felicity's last bout of sickness. He said no, and I say no because that's not how it works, right? Anyway-it's way worse this time. Felicity started barfing on Sunday night and woke up and dry heaved every half hour or so for almost 24 hours. We took her to the Dr. and got some medicine to help her stomach calm down. She was finally able to take in liquids and we avoided an I.V. Now it is Thursday night and we are praying for no more throwing up! She's got that other problem now too-the one that comes from too much soda and not enough food. I do think it's funny that she says, "scusting" (disgusting) when I change her diaper.

I'm sorry for all of the info on bodily fluids and such (don't read this one Tara) but I know some of you out there are not too phased by it (medical personnel and moms) and you might want to feel a little sorry for me and forgive me for skipping out on my goals so soon.

I am hoping we will get back to normal soon-but I am revisiting my footie pajamas for now. Thanks for listening and sorry for the lack of pictures-I can't find our memory card in all of the mayhem.