Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Autumn Day-God gives many gifts today

Do you know that primary song? It is a goody. Taught to me by the one and only Roz Hall.

We love the fall. Except for the whole getting cold thing. But you can't help but love the falling leaves and Halloween and looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

News around our house:

-Felicity has a broken leg (trampoline) and has a hard splint thing on for two weeks. She is a trooper. She has had many accidents lately. You can see the scrape on her chin from when she crashed and fell into the couch-biting into her lip and scraping part of her face off. Now she also has a giant blood blister on her finger. I am feeling pretty bad for her lately-but she is happy enough and loves to be a monster and scare you. It's pretty darn cute.
-The Yankees won the world series! Yahoo. I guess Kurt growing out his beard and me growing out my leg hair really did the trick. What can we say, we are fans that bring good luck!
-Halloween was awesome-lots of parties. Felicity was Dorothy and we were the scarecrow and the tinman. I found this picture that she took of herself. There is no
other description but to say that she looks stoned. I'm sorry.
There's just not.It made me laugh.
At the church party. I did not win anything in the chili cookoff. Boo.
I was in charge of the kids fishing game. It was pretty awesome.

Happy girl.

The Radmall Clan at Aunt Annies Halloween party

That's us folks

Cute cousins
Who knew Kurt would gladly receie a toddler sized dress for his birthday?
But he did and he loves to let Felicity wear it every game day.

Thanks Tom and TeriAnn for our fun trip to Hee Haw Farms.

We went on TWO hayrides this season. What could be better?