Sunday, June 22, 2008

Half Way to a Big Party. . .

Felicity baby is six months old! She is at such a fun age. Newborns are great in their own way, but since Felicity has stopped waking up every two hours and crying all evening she is an even bigger joy!

I love that at this point she is easily entertained by everyday items. I try to keep all surfaces in my house covered in paperwork and clutter so that I can hand her many playthings no matter where we are. She especially loves the readers digest. It is the perfect size for her to hold, rip and chew. Apparently Kurt doesn't want to share so I have to give her the old issues.

So far she doesn't have any teeth (yeah!). She had her earrings changed to tiny hoops. She is eating oatmeal and other cereal like a champ. She now sleeps on her tummy. She can roll both ways. She still needs to work on sitting up by herself and hasn't shown any signs that she is interested in crawling. She has a very grunty laugh and likes to be tickled under her chin and on her legs. Pretty much anywhere she has fat rolls. Her bald spot it getting less noticable and her hair seems to be growing while mine is falling out. We are excited for a fun summer of swimming, being outdoors, wearing sunscreen (there are two whiteys in this family) and celebrating Felicity's blossoming personality! We love this girl.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Stage Mom

Felicity with Grandma Cheryl

It's true-I'm becoming a stage mom, or a pageant mom or whatever you want to call it. I don't think I will put Felicity in tap lessons or fake eyelashes anytime soon, but you never know.

So here's the thing, Felicity recently competed in the Orem City Summer fest Baby contest! With the help of my sister (who sews, I do not) things turned out great! The theme was babies through the ages and I had the idea to make Felicity into some sort of Elizabethan baby. I bought a dress on clearance and my sister sewed all of the fancy lace and ribbons on. I even found a great broach at Savers (where were Jana's cameos when I needed them?). Along with her beautiful dress she wore a tall white cotton ball wig. When I came up with the idea I found out there really are things you can't buy on the Internet! Shocking. Nobody was selling an old timey wig for a 6 month old. So I had to glue cotton balls to one of Felicity's hats. I love my baby in a wig.

So I decided to enter Felicity in the costume category because I figured it was our best shot for a win. I mean, she's adorable but so are a million other kids. She competed with boys and girls ages 0-36 months.-everyone that wore a costume. And... Drum roll please -we-yes we-got third place! At first I was kind of mad because I am very competitive (staying up until three in the morning trying to win at sorry)-and I wanted 1st place of course. But I realized that third is great! Starting her career with a white ribbon win-it'll boost her confidence but won't go to her head. There were about 40 kids in the costume category and the 1st and 2nd place winners were very cute. First place was a little boy in an aviator costume-cute helmet and jacket. Second place was a girl in a poodle skirt outfit.
I'm pretty sure babies through the ages just wore normal baby stuff-some sort of poop catcher-simple gowns, bonnets maybe . But it was a decent theme and made for some good costumes. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Felicity's First Flight

Last week we were lucky enough to go to California for my cousin Michelle's wedding. It was Felicity's first trip and we were a little nervous but everything was great! She was an angel except for the flight home when she left a puddle of poop on her dad's lap. Ha! While we were there it was my birthday, my mom's birthday and our 2 year anniversary, so we decided to celebrate with some fun California activites. Sorry these pictures are so out of order!

A picture of the Thornton Sisters at the temple. Beautiful huh? The colors where gray and light pink. Very pretty. I don't have more pictures of the wedding because we all count on Jenn to take care of that. Thanks for the picture Jenn and congrats Michelle!

Felicity's first time at the beach!

It was a little bright for her.

Lovely Jana and I at Knotts Berry Farm! This is where I wanted to go for my birthday treat. My mom was kind enough to watch Felicity all day (on her birthday too) so that we could play! Of course I love Felicity but it was nice to have a day off to act like a child myself!
On the "Supreme Scream" with my two brothers and Tara. We love this ride!
Brett and Tara holding hands on he swings while I am pretending to be Peter Pan...
This is how sad Jana and I were after we got talked into going on this water ride.
The whole group!

On my birthday we watched the Padres beat the Nationals.
Another MLB Stadium checked off the list!

So many people were doting on Felicity at the game. I think it's because babies are not as common as they are say, where we live...

Our Diego Dogs. Mustard, Salsa and Cabbage. Delicious!

We had a fun B-day party that night at Jana's and my other BFF Rischel was able to come and meet Felicity! What a great day. I got my hair cut, went to the game, had yummy barbeque and and strawberry cake and got to spend time with some of my favorite people. We had a wonderful trip and we couldn't have done it without the generosity of others. Thanks to my parents for helping us get there and for babysitting and especially thanks to Jana and Wes who let us stay with them AND borrow their car. You guys are the best! We miss California already.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


D-Day Landing - Omaha Beach - June 6, 1944

I served a religious mission in Poland, a country devastated by Nazi invasion. As a result of personal visits to concentration camps and interaction with individuals directly impacted by this evil, I have an added admiration/respect/appreciation for events that contributed to the fall of Hitler. Check out these links: