Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ten weeks with us

Felicity has been with us for 10 weeks now! I would like to celebrate by having her sleep for 10 hours straight (not going to happen.) Instead I will try to think of 10 little known facts about her.

1. Felicity has long fingers and "tree frog" toes. Maybe she will be a better pianist than her mom who can barely reach an octave (especially with my "special" pinky.)

2. Felicity is very fair skinned and has blonde eyelashes and eyebrows. We're not so sure that dark hair is going to stay -she may be blonde like her dad was when he was little.

3. Felicity LOVES having her diaper changed! Most of the time-even if she's screaming-when I take her and lay her on her changing pad she gets a huge grin on her face and smiles through the whole process!

4. Felicity is getting a "bald stripe" on the back of her cute little head. Not a spot mind you, a huge stripe of white flesh. Sad! It must be from when she rubs her head back and forth like Stevie Wonder.

5. Felicty has "cradle cap" which has made her baby acne spread to her face, neck, shoulders, and chest. We are keeping it in check by using Neutrogena T-gel shampoo which is supposed to help. The sad thing is that now her hair smells like an old man instead of Johnson's and Johnson's goodness.

6. Felicity seems to like having the scriptures read to her. I have been trying to do better reading my scriptures and I read them aloud to her and she gets nice and calm. A good sign I think!

7. Poor Felicity has Acid Reflux which gets her pretty upset and sad ( I remember all of that pregnancy heartburn-I feel for ya babe!) She has to take some medicine which is a solu-tab. It's funny to watch her with something solid in her mouth. She gets little strawberry granules everywhere!

8. Felicity has a few very happy hours in the morning (at least one of us is a morning person). She is so darling-she wakes up smiling and makes lots of cute noises and likes to show off her new smiles to Momma (sorry to all of you who have only seen Felicity screaming in the evening.)

9. Felicity likes her cousins Sam and Addison. They are both practicing "being soft" to her. I love to see them reach out and touch her head or her ear or her hand (or try to steal her binky). Sam has even learned the sign language for baby. We are glad to have our cousins around!

10. Felicity loves her grandparents! We are so lucky to have both of our parents living 5 minutes away. Grandma and Grandpa Radmall are both wonderfully loving and can soothe Felicity with an added level of patience only grandparents have. Grandma Cheryl is the "baby whisperer" and sings to Felicity to get her calm. Grandma Julie knows lots of baby tips and tricks and is always a good source of info for me. She loves to see Felicity every few days and says that she misses her and would like to see her even if she is only going to be screaming. "Grumpa Woffinden" usually likes to hang out with babies that are a little older, but he has done a great job with newborn Felicity. The other night we dropped her off with him and when my mom got home he wouldn't give her up. When we came to pick her up he was holding her asleep and he said that if he were only lactating he would be the total package and the expert at taking care of her! Nice dad. I wish you were lactating too-then I really would leave her with you more often.

We love our darling,sometimes stinky, gassy, smiling, fussy baby Felicity!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Two months young

Well, our little babe is growing up a little at a time. The first month seemed to go so fast and the second month a little slower. Felicity went to the doctor and weighed in at 10 lbs 2.5 oz. She is still gaining weight pretty well (check out those thighs)! She had her first round of immunizations and has been a little fussy since then (that's why there are not too many pictures to choose from this post)! Our favorite thing is to see her smiles and hear her coo!

In other baby news, we are going to bless Felicity on March 2nd in our ward here in Orem! I am excited for her to be growing up and for the weather to warm up (not for a while, I know) so we can start going out more!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Fro-zone

Ice fishing at Yuba Lake

I caught a fish (Perch) this big

What you can't see is the holes on the other side of that fish where we cut out strips to use as bait.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Every Day's A Gift

Brandon and I with the munchkins
Aunt TeriAnn with her two nieces - what a babe!
Mom and Felicity, getting ready for her first walk.
Felicity, who taught you how to make those faces?

Kelli likes the close-up more than Addison.

Aunt Christie with the little ladies.
(Take a minute to admire the nice background picture.)

My first Valentine's Day - will you be mine?

Am I fashionable, or what?

It doesn't get any cuter than that.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Who loves you baby?

Yes-some of you may know that is the title of a Debbie Gibson song, a song that I sing to Kurt on occasion and now to our daughter. Well-the answer to the question is! I love you Kurt Radmall. Just some reasons why I do love him so much...

He was raised by wonderful parents who taught him to be respectful, kind, helpful and yet not a doormat. I try to be in charge but I'm glad he stands up for himself.

He gets along with my family so well. It's ok if they like him more than they like me.

He is often razzed for his fanaticism for certain sports teams (Yankees and Utes) but he is loyal and outspoken but not unkind to his critics.

He was so good to me when I was pregnant-always getting me tums and breathe-right strips, putting up with my crankiness and restless sleeping.

He is a very hard worker. That is one thing that I am so grateful for. He works hard and doesn't complain and I know that no matter what comes our way he will be willing to work hard for our family.

He is a wonderful dad! He comes home from work, makes dinner and takes the crying child during her "fussy hours". He has a special patented hold for her and is usually better at comforting her than I am!

I am not only glad to know him but to have him as a husband. I know it's cliche, but thank you for marrying me Kurt and making all of my dreams come true. Your girls love you and are missing you today!

I love you, Kelli.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Saturday, February 2, 2008