Friday, January 16, 2009

Birthday and Christmas pictures!

I'm not usually one for naked bum pictures, but this one was pretty cute.
Merry Christmas!
Talking to grandma Cheryl on Christmas morning.

The Woffinden Clan. Birthday girl.
Trying to stop her from grabbing the flame.

Her personal cake, made by her personal chef.

Celebrating with Tara. If you can't tell by the hats and the cake, we had a puppy party. We ate hot dogs and invited everyone to bring their stuffed animal doggies.

Dottie the dog. Named after the dalmation the Radmalls used to have.

Before the mess!

Spoiled girl. Look at all of those presents!

Marissa and Logan were in town. Yeah!

We took Christmas down. Such a weird phrase, but you know what I mean. We took all of our decorations down. Sadly I had to throw away our cute gingerbread house and beautiful but dying poinsettia. It's January. These are the rough months, especially for teachers (not me currently, yeah!). It's so cold and inconvenient to do anything or go anywhere. There aren't a lot of holidays although I do like Valentines day. In Utah, our 3 weeks of spring doesn't usually come until May, so like I said, it's rough. And chilly.

But it's sunny today and Felicity is taking another monster nap so hopefully I have time to upload some pictures of her birthday and Christmas. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mommy's little Piggy

Felicity has been napping for a REALLY long time and although I love it, I am starting to worry. Ya know, that worry that she is actually not alive anymore because she NEVER sleeps this long. It's either a miracle or a tragedy. I know that sounds morbid, but I think most moms know what I'm talking about. Anyway-anytime I try to write a post, she wakes up. So I am testing it.

Just wanted to post something about her fun birthday. Kurt put a video on facebook and since I haven't posted a picture or a video there ever, I thought I should put one here. Yes-Kurt is on facebook. Trying to get more friends than me. Sheesh.

Felicity is an eater. Always has been. So we figured she would be excited about the cake. Turns out she liked the attention of 20 people staring at her and laughing almost as much as the delicious cream cheese frosting I made.

p.s. She's not awake yet. Crazy. I have already read my scriptures, showered, made a shopping list and blog stalked for a while. I better go wake my little piggy up so she can send more kisses my way.

p.p.s. She is now awake and alive. I just thought I'd add that in case some of you started to worry.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


13 teams, 4 of the BCS top 25, 1 "BCS powerhouse" - 13 wins, MWC championship, Sugar Bowl Champions, MWC Offensive Player of the Year, MWC Special Teams Player of the Year, MWC Coach of the Year, national coach of the year finalist, Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award finalist, Consensus All-American, Ray Guy and Lou Groza Award finalist, Broyles Award finalist...and the list goes on. Congratulations Utah!

Friday, January 2, 2009

12 month pictures.

Sorry Ted...
Is Ted not SO little?

This one makes me laugh every time. You know this is mid-squirm, captured by magic, but it looks so "on-purpose". My little rockette.

I'm big, people.
I find it ironic that the last post was titled, "I have friends." and I had ZERO comments. So, maybe I was wrong. OK, ok I don't base my individual worth on the number of comments on my blog but c'mon people I did my hair for some of those pictures! I guess I'll give ya'll more of what you really want. More Felicity.
She is officially a toddler and no longer a baby. She toddles. She drinks cows milk. She eats peanut butter. She says uh-oh. She gives kisses to her toys. She tries to take off her diaper. She refuses to keep pretty things in her hair. She fake laughs. She is finally getting a top front tooth to go with her snaggle. She is mostly sleeping through the night, but has a FUN new wake up time... She is crazy and spirited and we love her to pieces. We have tons of pictures (and hopefully a video or two) of her fun birthday party, so I thought I better get started posting. To my friends out there who care-share the love, leave me a comment or two so I don't feel so lonely! We hope you all had a great Holiday Season!