Monday, July 21, 2008

Lucky # 7

She loves all electronic devices. All she wanted during this "shoot" was to get the camera.

Stretch it out. 1 2 3 4 . . .
Hold Still!
OK, you can be done.

Felicity is now seven months old. Yes, that means only five more months of pictures with Ted. I promise I will stop sometime. Felicity is so much fun these days! She loves to jabber and has started saying da-da, but we all know it's just because the consonant d is usually acquired sooner than m. I keep telling myself that she loves me the most, but she does love her dad an awful lot. She has been eating baby food and loves the orange stuff, hates the green. Her first fruit experience involved prunes in order to help with another first in her digestive health... We think she is teething but haven't seen anything yet. She loves to gnaw on frozen waffles and bagels.She is very close to sitting up by herself and getting close to crawling. She can scoot backwards and often cruises under the coffee table and under the couch. She keeps backing up until everything but her head has disappeared. She does a new "shy" face while putting her hands up over her forehead. Silly girl. Happy seven months crazy face.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summer time and the Livin's easy...

Four Generation Picture with Grandma Black. Gotta love Felicity's face.
Aren't my brothers cute?
Uncle Brandon (and Christie and Addison)-don't move far away from us!
Sister Krista, Devin and Sam.

Felicity and I went to cousin Melissas wedding. She looked beautiful of course!
Felicity hanging out with Grandpa Russ.
Grandpa Radmall came to pick Kurt up for golf and caught Felicity in good morning mood!
About to taste the swing at Grandma Radmalls.
Getting bunny ears from uncle Bryan.

Four Generation with two Grandpa Woffindens.
Cousin Treyanna.
Felicity's second cousins Madison and Avery (caught in their best moment)
Cousin Chanel. Felicity was having so much fun trying to eat her face.
Cousin Latawnya. Those Frasier girls were such great babysitters on our trip. Thanks girls!

We got to spend an afternoon up at Snowbird with my mom's friend Janna. It was BEAUTIFUL!
BFF Marissa was in town! Felicity was glad to catch up with Logan too.
Wii love these babies.
Sorry about the red eye.
Of course Felicity wanted to eat this bag full of candy at the reception.

Wearing her cowgirl outfit and hanging out with Grandma Cheryl in Hobble Creek Canyon.

Happy Fourth! Yes, I was there.
Future black mail picture. She's not too crazy about this new baby food stuff.Snowbird with Grandma Julie. Yes, she can almost fit her whole fist in her mouth.
Sorry about the picture OVERLOAD, but we have been out and about with not much time for blogging. We had a great holiday and have been blessed to spend lots of time with family and friends. Felicity and I flew to CA for our second Thornton wedding and had lots of fun. Thank you Jana and Wes for taking care of us again. We love the Nesers! We also got to see Rischel and Jon and Whitney, Mark and Quin! Even though I don't live near most of my closest friends, it's good to know they're out there. We hope everyone is having a great summer!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Cheesy Peezy

Nerd bombers? Maybe. In love with mom? Definitely. Happy 4th, folks! Hope yours was as dork-tastic as ours.