Monday, October 5, 2009

No more spring blossoms around here...

Better get some autumn leaves up on our background Kurtie Bird.

Long time, no see. There are really no good excuses-we have just been busy and lazy. But-just to catch you up-these are some of the things we have done since we last talked.

-Went to Yellowstone with Kurt's family. It was awesome. We saw lots of cool scenery and cool animals. Felicity liked to yell MOOO to the buffalo.

-Went to California for Kurt's brother's wedding reception. Aaron and Jeanette looked handsome and beautiful respectively and the reception was fun. We also got to spend some time with Jana and Wes and my cousins the Thorntons and all of their new babies. The trip was great except for Felicity's demeanor on the way home. Boo

-After the trip to CA we took away the binky. Yep-the green thing that was constantly in Felicity's little pie hole. Gone. It was hard for a few days-but we did it and I am proud!

-Kurt's sister Christie, her husband Brandon and daughter Addison got sealed in August. It was such a great day and we are so happy for them. Man-Addie had everyone in tears when she was brought in in her darling white dress, sweater and bow. After the sealing she said, "Mom, I'm in the temple!" What a great thing.

Kurt had his Birthday in September and we had a good time camping and celebrating with our families. Both of our parents celebrated 30 years this year. Congrats!We also celebrated both of our dad's birthdays in Sept.

I have been busy seeing lots of new doctors, trying new medications, getting a little swimming in (thanks Christie) and going to physical therapy. Trying to get my bod feeling better. I have some tests coming up in January and we'll see how things are going.

Felicity is starting to talk and it's pretty darling. She will copy almost any word you say and her favorite phrases are "I did it!" and "I got it!" Pretty fitting for such an independent, stubborn little thing. Gee, I wonder where she gets that. She is obsessed with buckling things lately. Carseats, strollers, her doggy backpack, my swim bag. She loves to do it over and over with a proud, "I did it!" Yes, she continues to run me ragged and drive me crazy sometimes, but it's all worth it.

I guess I will post pictures another time. The one hour napper just woke up.