Saturday, August 23, 2008

To the top

Here are some pictures from the Mt. Timpanogos hike last Saturday. The hike kicked my butt and left me just slightly gimpy...but I made it to the top. Enjoy!

The fast way down

Emerald Lake

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Crazy 8's

I can see up your nose Felicity...

Unfortunately Felicity is out of new hats to wear, so this brown flower clip will have to do.
I'm so happy that her crazy fluffy hair is growing!

This contraption is a life saver! She loves it.

Something about this picture makes me laugh. She just looks so chubby and lazy or something...
It's true-Felicity is eight months old. We are so proud of her and her many accomplishments. She loves baby food and even eats the pureed meat now. Ew. She sits up and crawls and can go back and forth between the two. She thinks she can pull up on the furniture but she doesn't have it quite down yet. She is sleeping in longer chunks and loves her new bedtime. She is still crazy about her dad and is always looking around for him. She has two teeth and more on the way. We had to put her mattress down lower because she pulled up on her crib in the middle of the night and it was only up to her mid-section-oops. I'm glad she didn't fall out. She likes other babies and kids and always wants to play. She can sit in a restaurant high chair and the shopping cart without her car seat. Happy 8 months Flick!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Crawling for Carbs...

Felicity with Aunt Cindy
Uncle Seth, Addison and Grandma Radmall (feeding the little birdie)
Hanging with the family at Ryan and Kendra's beautiful reception.
Crazy people
Our little shiny faced family.

A quick update about things. . .
-Felicity got her first tooth a few weeks ago and I think she is in the process of cutting the next door neighbor tooth (or toofie as I call it.) I am excited for her since she seems to be a born eater, chewing will be a big step. Unfortunately with her new triangular dragon tooth she bit my finger so hard that I cried. Yes-it really hurt that badly.
-Felicity is crawling! She has been scooting backwards for a while but now she is in forward motion. We'll have to post a video soon. Her best crawling has been towards her daddy and towards a roll. She goes crazy for bread-so we thought a soft dinner roll would be great motivation. She is trying to figure out how to feed herself those small pieces of bread, but for now she is my little birdie and I feed her, but I seriously have to watch my fingers. It really reminds me of feeding an animal...
-Felicity now has a bedtime routine and goes to bed at 8! It is nice to have some consistency and time alone with the hubby. Which reminds me...
-I no longer work in the evening at Target! Yeah! I still love target but I am actually VERY glad to be able to stay home in the evenings now. Thanks to Kurt for working so hard for our family to make this possible.
-We are enjoying the end of the summer and had barbecues with some friends from our ward and one with Kurt's friend from work. It's nice to have time to socialize! Kurt's cousin Ryan got married a couple weeks ago to the beautiful Kendra and we had a nice weekend at the dinner, wedding and reception. They are the new owners of our coffee table-which I think was originally Kurt's grandmas. We got rid of it so that Felicity could have more room to play (and so that we would stop eating in front of the TV and piling the table with heaps of crap)
-Kurt is going to hike Timp this Saturday with friends, so if any of you are crazy and like pain, feel free to join the group. I will not be there although I have hiked it once before. It really is a beautiful/difficult hike.
-I have been dealing with some weird health issues and my least favorite at the moment is hives! I have been having hives for the past couple of weeks almost every day. We think they could be a reaction to an antibiotic I was taking which means that they should be over in a week or so. I have been having to take benadryl which wipes me out and makes me a drugged out zombie. Poor baby, she has been doing a lot of hanging around the house and entertaining herself (which is easier now that she can sit up and crawl.) If you have any secret home remedies for hives, let me know! I am the itchiest girl around.