Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Anger. Rising.

Why? Why does everything noisy happen during nap time? I know there is no way to fix it and not everyone plans their day around nap time, but it's so dang frustrating!

I say this because we live in a condo and there are sometimes noisy things going on that I can't control. Usually it is really quiet and we love living here but today i want to go rip someone's leaf blower off of their back! There is a new dog somewhere in the neighborhood that LOVES to bark at all hours .Grrr. The garbage truck woke Felicity up this morning at 6:40 thank you very much-now the lawn guys woke her up in the middle of nap time. Luckily after 10 minutes of letting her cry, she went back to sleep. But I swear they are just making circles around our building with their mowers and blowers and edger thingies. Why can't she be a heavy sleeper like her daddy? Oh wait, then when she grows up she won't hear her own baby cry in the middle of the night. . .

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The ramblings of an inmate

Lately, Felicity has been asking to get into her crib during the day. Mostly she just wants to play ring around the rosies with herself and "all fall down" on the soft mattress. I love hearing her start to talk. She is trying to copy things that I say. Yesterday I said "crap" as my car door softly brushed (don't worry, I wiped away the mark with my spit) our neighbors car. And yes, she then tried to say crap. The time has come to clean up my mouth (Orbitz?). My daughter is now understanding what I say and copying me. Today I sneezed twice in a row and both times she said her little version of "bless you". Too cute.

p.s. My sister had a baby girl and I got to cut the cord! Yahoo. I love little Molly Kay and as some of you know, I love to be present for delivery. Invite me to yours.

p.p.s Jillian-it's "he and I" not "him and I". Some of you know what I'm talking about. So many weeks of the same grammatical error, over and over. I cracked up because Reid made the same mistake during his going home limo rant. I guess they were a perfect pair.

p.p.p.s I know I probably make tons of mistakes on this blog. Apostrophes, quotation marks, commas, spelling and all. I told Kurt not to correct it for me. He and his journalism degree would offend me and make me feel stupid. So forgive me for being a hypocrite of types and criticizing Jillian the cute little Canadian.

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Today my child is driving me crazy. It's just one of those days. I have cried twice.These are some of the things that have led to my lunacy:

*Felicity woke up at 6:30 instead of 8:00
*She grabbed my spoon and tried to feed my cereal to her baby doll (it was kind of cute actually)-then she proceeded to put her babies blanket in my bowl-sloshing milk on my lap.
*Even though I put on Beauty and the Beast, she quickly found me trying to take a shower and insisted on getting in. Then of course she wanted to get out. Then she peed on the floor.
*She wanted to brush her teeth-instead of letting me help her she grabbed the toothbrush end and got her berry blue toothpaste all over her hand
*She unrolled half of a roll of toilet paper. Now I have to put it in a bag by the side of the sink and use it like that. Frugality and all.
*I was trying to take some Tylenol and the lid wasn't on tight-so the bottle dropped, spilling the glass of water and the Tylenol into a medicinal mess-wasting about 30 caplets. No-I did not try to dry them out and save them.
*I needed Tylenol because I had minor "surgery" on my toe yesterday-ingrown toenail stuff. Gross I know. At least Felicity hasn't stepped on it as many times as she did yesterday.
*I don't know what else-but it just seems like there were a million things that went wrong this morning. Of course there were the usual battles of diaper changes, getting dressed, combing her hair. ANYTHING that I want her to do is just so so tragic to her.
*And to top it all off, we are out of otter pops.

Now, I know that she is just a baby and almost anything naughty that she does is because I have enabled her to do so, by eating breakfast on the couch and such. But it's still frustrating-it's not like I'm leaving her on her own so I can eat bon bon's, I'm just trying to shower and get ready. I swear, there is nothing in this house that will hold her attention for more than two minutes. I think It's time for a toy swap or something. Just needed to vent.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Forf

Felicity loves to play on the trampoline with cousin Addison
Two crazy girls
Four girls (one in TeriAnn's tummy!) playing in the water

Felicity loved the parade!
Sam and Felicity sitting with Bogo AKA Grandpa Woff
I'd bet a large sum that Felicity is eating something

Momma and Baby Girl

A cool little airplane
My brother Blake and his cute girlfriend Allison.
They are the sacrificing souls who went and camped out for our parade spot at 4 am. Thank you!
There was a pinata for Max's Birthday.
This is Addison hoarding candy in her skirt. So funny.

Yahoo! Dulces!
Addie and Felicity "playing" croquet

What can I say, she's a helper. OK. Not really, but she's cute
"He makes me melt like a popsicle on the Forf of July..." Name that movie!
There are many things that I need to blog about but I wanted to put some pictures up to let you know that we had an AWESOME fourth of July. We always do. We were lucky enough to spend time with both of our families-we enjoyed the parade, a bbq, a birthday celebration, golfing (Kurt) and fireworks of course. Hope you all had a great fourth. I for one am so grateful to live in this country and for all of the men and women who sacrifice to keep us free and safe. Thank you!