Thursday, June 4, 2009

What's the Happs?

Well-I have been too pooped to blog-so I will mush everything together.

I am pooped because I am teaching swimming lessons in the morning at my parents. It is a good way to earn some extra money-but it wears me out. The last time I did it was when i was pregnant and I would take a 3 or 4 hour nap afterward. I don't exactly have that luxury now-but I do nap while Felicity does-it is usually an hour and half but it's better than nothing. Some friends in the ward are watching Felicity in the mornings. It's hard to drop her off-I am feeling some sympathy for all you working moms out there.

We celebrated my birthday, my mom's birthday and our anniversary. I was super duper lucky this year. I spent my birthday in Las Vegas with college bffs Jana and Rischel. They planned the whole thing, treated me to hotels and flew in to meet me there for 3 days of relaxation. It was We slept in, stayed up late, read magazines by the pool and ate and ate and ate. It was so relaxing and such a good little trip. It's too bad that on the last night there someone broke my driver's window and stole our GPS. But that's just part of life. Someone else's agency affecting my life in a negative way. Oh well.

We went to dinner and bowling for my mom's birthday. It was fun and I didn't even come in last. Second to last. But-I'm cool with that. Some people are bowlers, some people are mini golfers.

The terrible twos have come to our house early. Felicity has her sweet moments and it's fun listening to her learn to talk, but she sure throws a lot of tantrums. She's a pretty aggressive little thing.

Life is good-and it's nice to finally see the sun and use one of my few talents-getting tan. Even with spf 50 these swimming lessons are doing their usual damage. Happy Summer to you all!

I wrote this post a week ago-but didn't post it because I was too lazy to post pictures. Still too lazy. Soon.