Sunday, November 23, 2008

Game Face

BCS Busters! Here we go again. I wub my Utes.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Eleven Months

Playing with Grandpa... Mom's purse
Cute hat courtesy of Sam

Felicity is only one month away from her 1st birthday! It's hard to believe she has grown up so fast! She is starting to understand when she is doing something naughty. It's pretty funny. If she gets into something that I have repeatedly told her "NO-NO" about (like the toilet) and I come around the corner and catch her, she freaks out and screams/laughs and her whole body spazzes out. She is also starting to be a real pill about somethings. It is really hard to get her diaper and clothes changed. She swings her arms when she wants to be done eating and knocks everything off of her tray-often spilling yucky stuff all over both of us. When she doesn't want to be picked up she puts her arms straight up in the air close to her head so I can't get her under the arms. She can now clap, wave bye-bye, give kisses (sometimes) and dance. She likes to walk while holding on to your finger. She LOVES to climb stairs and she laughs the whole way up if you chase her. Her favorite thing is to take things OUT. Anything and everything. Do kids ever go through a stage where they want to put everything back in? I think not.

Eleven things Felicity likes to empty:
1. The kitchen drawer full of towels and hot pads.
2. Any laundry basket whether folded or not. ARG!
3. My purse, if left on the floor (picture included)
4. The entertainment center cupboards full of DVD's and CD's
5. The granola bars at Grandma's (see picture)
6. A box of Kleenex
7. A box of wipes
8. Her dresser drawer
9. The shoes in my closet
10. A box of markers
11. Everything in my nightstand

You might be thinking that I don't watch her very well , but I promise I do. I just let her empty things most of the time because I like to see her enjoy herself and it makes me laugh. It doesn't make for a very clean house, but there are more important things, right? I hope so, or I'm in trouble. We love you Felicity. Happy 11 months!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Lobster Claw

Something bad happened a week ago. I guess it's not as fun to blog about sad things that make you feel guilty as a mom. I guess that's why it took so long to tell you about our little crustacean.

I was making dinner and preheating the oven. Felicity was playing in the other room but crawled into the kitchen. Kurt called to say he was on his way home. Next thing I know Felicity is crying/screaming. I look down and she has her hand shoved in between the under-the-oven drawer and the oven. I hung up the phone, pulled her hand out and called my mom at work to ask her what to do. Hello. I knew what to do but I panicked. Put her hand under cool running water. See how bad it is. Call the doctor. So I did all of those things.

Kurt came home and we took turns helping her to hold her hand under the water (which she did not like). I let her take little breaks and watch the movie CARS which she loved. There were no cartoons on in the evening, seeing that we no longer have cable. We then took her to to the after hours office of our pediatrician. She had three blisters on her index finger and her hand was burned a little bit across her first two knuckles. They cut the dead skin off, gooped her finger with burn cream and wrapped it expertly. She has been really good and happy since then. We have been re-wrapping her finger each night.
Unfortunately we ran out of the red colored wrap (go utes!) and so her lobster claw has since changed to the purple people eater. She is still crawling and playing and grabbing things like a pro. A few more days of the bandage and she'll be on her way. I'm sorry that happened to you little baby. I think you can still be a concert pianist or anything you want. Oh. And she had her first lollipop.

Monday, November 10, 2008


8 TV shows I love to watch
1. Jeopardy
2. Law and Order
3. Medium
4. Super Nanny
5. Cash Cab
6. The Cosby Show
7. Iron Chef
8. Project Runway/Top Design/Top Chef-almost any Bravo Reality show...
*We just canceled our cable a few days ago, so I am going through withdrawals...

8 places I love to eat
1. Pier 49 Pizza
2. My mom's house
3. Kurt's moms house
4. Anywhere Jana is cooking
5. Golden Hills Cafe
6. Grass Skirt Grill
7. KFC
8.Ernie's Deli

8 things that happened yesterday
1. I read one of my new library books
2. Kurt and I caught up watching the office online
3. Kurt and I went to choir practice and practiced Christmas music. Hooray!
4. Felicity stole toys from other children in Sacrament Meeting
5. Kurt made brownies
6. We had a delicious dinner at my mom's
7. Felicity only wanted corn for dinner
8. The BOYS won at Catch Phrase! Unbelievable.

8 things I look forward to
1. TeriAnn's wedding
2. Nicole's wedding
3. Felicity's birthday
4. Christmas
5. My hair growing out
7. Meeting the babies to be of good friends
8. Skiing (I promised myself I would go this year)

8 things I love about fall
1. Pumpkin carving
2. Driving in the mountains to see the leaves
3. The crisp air
4. Crunching leaves
5. Pumpkin desserts
6. I'm not as sweaty
7. I don't have to shave my lets as often
8. Listening to Christmas music in my car where no one can get mad at me for it

8 things on my wish list
1. A full night's sleep
2. A stronger, healthier, more fit body
3. To be on Jeopardy
4. To do something great for the world
5. To be debt free
6. A heated mattress pad
7. A new pair of jeans
8. World Peace

8 people I'm tagging
1. Marissa
2. Jill
3. Courtney
4. Momma Kim
5. April
6. Whitney
7. Christie
8. Kristen
*I don't have a good enough memory to know if ya'll have already done this tag. No pressure. Just wanted you to feel popular. Thanks Mary!

Friday, November 7, 2008


Ok-it's been long enough, I guess I can let you in on our Halloween costumes. Some of you might figure it out on your own, but most people needed a little prodding to identify the costumes. I guess not everyone is as familiar with Public Television as I am. In tribute to a very talented soft spoken man I present Kurt as Bob Ross and Felicity as his paint palette. I was a happy little tree but we don't have any pictures of me on our camera. I will get one because I know you will all be waiting in anticipation.

Halloween was super duper fun. I love Halloween. Kurt is getting on board. We actually met at a Halloween party where Kurt wasn't dressed up so I started talking to him and giving him a hard time and little did I know he was falling in love with me and my sexy sailor costume. So...Halloween is extra important around here. Originally I was going to be Bob Ross (I watched him a lot as a kid) and Felicity was going to be a happy little tree (what he always painted) but then I realized that Kurt already had a beard (I know what some of you are thinking, but my facial hair is limited to my upper lip) so I LET him be the main man. Plus I figured Felicity didn't want a cumbersome costume of branches and such so I gave her something a little softer and easier to crawl around in.

We had lots of fun and lots of opportunities to wear our costumes. We went to my parents Halloween party where they were dressed as Little Red Riding Hood and the big bad "Woff" (Woffinden. Get it?) They won third place in their costume contest when my dad graced everyone with a rendition of an old song about "Little red riding hood, you sure are looking good..." You old timers might know that one. We also went to our ward party where I won for scariest pumpkin! Yes! I am very competitive.

On the real Halloween day Felicity and I went to the famous Halloween gig at Omniture with Krista and Devin. VERY impressive. Then we were able to go to Kurt's work, see both families and trick or treat with Cheryl, TeriAnn, Tom and cousins to be Max and Luke. Max would get Felicity a piece of candy at each house and put it in her pumpkin for her. How cute.

I really didn't mean to write so much, just wanted to post the obligatory picture, but I can't help it I LOVE HALLOWEEN!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pillow Perm

Good Morning Felicity. You are a crazy haired girl.