Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hee Haw Farms

Thanks for the fun afternoon Christie and Addie!
Cute, right?

The big slide! Super fun.

Getting ready to slide.

Waiting for the hayride wagon.

When we got home Felicity had tons of corn in her boots and she said, "Mom, we forgot to feed this to the ducks! She made me put it in a baggie and save it.

Yee Haw we went to Hee Haw. We took the girls for a fun afternoon of stepping in pig poop, getting head butted by a goat with horns (poor Addie). Playing in corn-weird, but fun for Felicity. We had popcorn and a hay ride and picked out pumpkins and it was all kinds of good fall fun . I do love this time of year. So far I have enjoyed: Pumpkin Jamba Juice (twice), Pumpkin empanadas, pumpkin pie, pumpkin chili, pumpkin crumble dessert, pumpkin pancakes and my favorite-a pumpkin oreo shake. So good!


Rischel said...

Felicity is ridiculously cute, as is her little friend. I can't believe I'll have my own little girl soon, hopefully she is as cute as yours.
And I love all things pumpkin, I will have to try the pumpkin Jamba Juice. Where did you get the pumpkin oreo shake - J in the B? I need one.

Laurel said...

I saw a restaurant sign yesterday for pumpkin chocolate chip cookie dough shakes... (now salivating) Hooray for your fun at hee haw's!!!

Brandon, Christie, and Addie said...

We love having fun with you and Felicity! I do like fall except that winter follows! I am glad to have a fellow pumkin enthusiast.

Marissa Joy said...

Jealous! I love some good fall fun minus the poop and the head butting. Miss you!

Jana Neser said...

I miss you!!! But I love that you are posting :) Felicity's bangs are a-dor-dor. Love you Belles!