Friday, October 1, 2010

Knows her fast food...

At my dad's birthday dinner yesterday my nephew Sam was talking about his favorite dinners. His number one favorite is "german oven pancakes". His number two favorite is spaghetti and his number three favorite is tacos! At that moment Felicity chimed in, "I love taco bell!"

Hm. I wonder which sister cooks and which one doesn't.

Sometimes Felicity wakes up and the first thing she says is, "I want to go to _____ for lunch with you!" Insert Taco bell, Wendy's or Costco. I tell her that we have to eat breakfast first and then we will see about lunch.

But I am trying to be a little better. I have been using food from the pantry and the freezer to make dinner at home. Thanks to Kurt for putting up with a few "creative" meals. He always says, "tastes good to me."

I love the two folks in my little family. They are the best.
This picture is Felicity's face after helping me make a peach pie from scratch. Just sayin.
(ok. not the crust.)


Brandon, Christie, and Addie said...

It's OK Addie can name the different gas stations, "look Mom there is (Harts, walkers, circle K, etc.)can we go get a soda and a treat". Also I think you cook more than I do and on top of that you feed my child multiple times a week. You are a great wife and mom so who cares about how often you cook!

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