Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Party Time!

Cousin Addison's Minnie Mouse birthday party, complete with darling ears to wear, Minnie mouse pancakes and games. It was fun fun fun to play with cousins!
All I can say is Booyah. I got to fly to CA for the weekend and spend some time with my best friends Jana and Rischel and Jana's adorable baby Jay. Thank you to Kurt who took Friday off and spent the whole weekend with Felicity so I could have three days of talking, shopping, eating, lovin on a new baby, sleeping in, getting massaged and spending time with some of my favorite people in the world.

This is baby Jay. He is, of course, darling. I love him very much and he is such a good baby.

This is the husband. He loves to make funny faces for pictures. Oh boy.
This is my dad. I figure I can put this picture of him up because he will never know. Oh sure, he's down with the world wide web, but I don't think he checks my blog. Here he is in his ski outfit. Yes, a purple turtleneck and a sweater tucked into his pants. The last two pictures were taken without my knowledge while Kurt was changing batteries in my camera for my trip. Goofballs.
Happy St. Patty's day! I have on my green and white pumas, green eyeshadow and I'm ready to roll to another party tonight-full of green food, puff paint shirts and family fun!


Jana Neser said...

Boo Yah!! I love the pic of us, the pic of Jay and the one of Kurt. BUT- your Dad takes the cake!! Haha I love it! I had so much fun w/you!! Cooooooooome Baaaaaaaaaack! Thanks Kurt for letting Kelli come play! It was wonderful

Rischel said...

I miss you Bells. You're dad looks crazy or drunk, I love it.

Jill said...

Seriously the pic of the three girls is beautiful. Must be blond and beautiful to be your friend huh? I am happy that you got to get away. Lucky. I love you.

Denae said...

I know those cute girls!! Look at you 3 all grown up & gorgeous little mommies. Remember Hale 2?? Long, long time ago....

AJ said...

How fun! You looking smokin in all your photos. Props.

Hope your sclarablahblahblah is getting handled.